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This journey is yours, you are our focus.

Do you have a big vision and a deep desire to reach extraordinary heights?

You’ve felt compelled to take action but you don’t know where to start. The time is now and our coaching will help you remove your personal barriers to propel you upwards and forward.


It's time to EXPAND and RISE!

Mimi Truong is a leadership coach providing strategic guidance and support for corporate clients, entrepreneurs and creative professionals looking to bring their lives and businesses to the next level.


Mimi’s holistic approach, which combines coaching expertise with her knowledge of metaphysical tools including astrology, numerology and akashic records, helps clients overcome self-limiting beliefs, roadblocks and real-life challenges. 


Mimi also has extensive experience helping small business owners structure their professional lives with the organizational systems needed to help scale and expand their businesses. 


From time management tools to business planning and gaining greater clarity on your overall direction, Mimi’s support can guide you towards excelling in your professional life and achieving your goals.

What Can Mimi Support Me With?



• Overcoming personal blockages or self-limiting beliefs that you can’t seem to shake


• Manoeuvring significant life changes or relationship issues


• Developing a plan to transform your dreams and aspirations into reality


• Gaining clarity on your life’s purpose and finding greater personal fulfillment



• Becoming clear on your career direction that will bring you the greatest personal fulfillment and abundance


• Developing a plan to start your own business or work independently 


• Support navigating the job market and landing the job of your dreams


• Creating a structure and implement tools to scale your business to the next level

I found myself overwhelmed and running on empty while working both IN my business and ON my business.  I was not effectively maximizing the time I had and I was extremely stressed out. The worst part: I was missing time with the people I love most because of my mismanagement of time and goals.  


While receiving Mimi's coaching, I learned that I had more time than I ever thought possible - I just wasn’t using it effectively.  Mimi also introduced me to a tool I’ve been using ever since to plan, track, delegate and execute my goals (large and small).


Mimi helped me uncover the specific triggers that cause chaos and stress for me.  Through her coaching I learned:

- how to build and trust a team

- how to hold myself and others accountable

- most important, I have been able to integrate a tool that’s custom tailored for me, to keep everything in order


Mimi’s coaching gave me a freedom I didn’t realize I needed. I am in control - my business, obligations, and desire for success no longer controls me.





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