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“If you use a calendar, you are using Astrology in your daily life!”

Astrology has historically been misinterpreted as an arbitrary predictive measure. While there are intricate predictive techniques available to forecast events to come, a person's astrological chart is an untapped resource to understand our personal evolution through the cycle of time.


Popular culture has promoted daily or monthly Sun Sign horoscopes for many decades, but it goes far beyond that! Astrology is the study of the movement of the planets orbiting around the sun in which the symbolism of the planets, asteroids, luminaries offer a language to better understand our psyche.  

Every single person is born with an astrological birth chart that capture the position of the stars at the time they were born. This birth chart is one of the most powerful self-awareness tools you have at your disposal because it serves as a map to guide the unfolding of your life through time. This map is unique to you and you alone, I call it your COSMIC DNA. This ancient tool contains information that offers profound insight into your life and your soul's evolution.


• Reveal your purpose in this lifetime


• Understand how best to use your strengths and gifts to achieve your dreams


• Clarity on your career path

• Identifying specific events in your past that are significant to your present and how they can impact your future


• Get a new perspective to a decision you are about to make

• Improve your relationships


• Support you through your journey of personal growth and evolution


• Karmic lessons you are here to learn

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Natal Chart Astrology Reading

$185 USD

Your astrological birth chart, aka natal chart, is like a "cosmic blueprint" for your life that outlines your soul's purpose, personality traits, challenges and key themes in your life. Natal chart readings are a powerful tool to help you gain a greater understanding of who you are, and clarity around who you were intended to be. Astrology readings are 60 minutes, and done one-on-one with me via Zoom.
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Birthday Astrology Reading

$185 USD

This 60-minute reading is a chance to learn about the themes and energies at play during your birthday year.  Every year on our exact birthday, our chart provides a snapshot of where we're at in our lives, as well as an overview of what we're learning and experiencing. This astrology reading will blend a review of your chart for the year, and where these themes sit in comparison to your broader natal chart. Astrology readings are 60 minutes, and done one-on-one with me via Zoom.

Before working with Mimi I was interested in Astrology and a firm believer in it giving us information into better self awareness. How I felt was very curious and excited in hearing a professional Astrologer/life coach interpret my birth chart so that I may better comprehend past, present, and current situations, relationships and patterns.


After working with Mimi, I have started College at the age of 38 and am determined to take a journey I was before skeptical to take. I feel confident in my body and soul. I now know the role I was placed on this earth to play. 


Before working with Mimi I thought I wasn’t capable of enrolling in College. I questioned a lot of my decisions and lacked self confidence. Mimi helped me to see that some of my characteristics I used to see as flaws, are my greatest assets! I feel very seen and heard by her and greatly look forward to our next meeting.





How much are readings and how do I pay?


Natal chart and birthday astrology readings cost $185 USD for a 60 min session and can be paid online by clicking the "book a session" buttons above.


I don't live in LA, can I schedule a reading?


Yes! All my sessions are done via video call on Zoom. A link to the virtual room will be automatically sent to your inbox at the time you book your appointment. There will also be a reminder email that contains the link before your scheduled session.


What do I need to prepare your chart?


Your birth information: date, time and city of birth.  For an accurate interpretation of your chart, it is important to obtain as close of a time to the minute as possible.  Many can find their time on their birth certificate.  I understand that it is not always possible, do your best.


Will our session be recorded?


Yes, I record our sessions on Zoom and send you the file after our call so that you can review and integrate the information from your chart.


Questions about my readings or issues booking a session?


Email me at


Listen to my monthly astrology insights on the I Am Goddess Collective Podcast!

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