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Realize your full expression




ex·alt·ed [igˈzôltəd]


  1. To raise in rank, power and character; to elevate by praise or in estimation; to enhance the activity of 

  2. In astrology, when a planet is said to be "exalted" it means that it's in a sign that allows the planet to be in its full expression, to operate at its highest power and generating the greatest result.

IGZOLTED invites a fresh perspective into your life and allows you to become the most fully expressed version of yourself.  

With my guidance, you will identify roadblocks, transform obstacles into opportunities, discover your own truth to ignite your potential and fuel your ascent.


“Respond to every call

that excites your spirit.”



Introducing my new candle collection with L.A. based studio



Zodiac Ritual Candles 


One candle released every month following the cycle of the zodiac signs



Last year was a challenging year for me personally and professionally. I was mindlessly applying for jobs and secretly hoping that these companies wouldn't call me back. My heart was resisting the whole process. Something didn't feel right. I felt lost and didn't know what was the right direction for me. Now, I am pursuing a passion project and working at a new job that challenges me. I feel confident and excited about my life choices.  


Before working with Mimi, I was doubtful that she would have anything new to teach me. I have always thought of myself as self-aware, self-reflective, open-minded, and goal-oriented.  I've also never had a problem finding a job. However, last year, I was unable to find the answers I needed on my own. I decided I have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Her coaching session led me to a revelation that has since changed the trajectory of my life. Because I benefited from her professional services, I felt strongly that she could also help me in my personal life through her astrology. Since meeting her, I have been able to manifest the things in my life that were missing.




“I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become.


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