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Co-create a fully expressed life with the guidance of the stars

 Modern Astrology
Cosmic Business Strategy

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I’m so glad you
landed here.

This is an invitation for anyone ready to embrace a soul-led life.

Anyone ready to seek their purpose.

Anyone ready to love ALL of themselves.

Anyone seeking an intuitive, spirit-led approach to connecting to their inner wisdom within.

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This space is for you if you're ready to invite a fresh perspective into your life to become your most fully expressed version of yourself.

Sound like you? Welcome.

"Analytical by nature, I found it a challenge to align my head space with my heart space. Working with Mimi allowed me to tap into other areas of my life I did not initially seek to work on, thereby effectively and cohesively bringing insight and balance into my life.


Mimi has an innate ability to hone in on your current belief system,

methodically break down your limiting beliefs to identify the source, and propose an effective manner of self-reflection and assignments which shifts your former way of thinking. She listens objectively and challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone."

Jessica K.

Manhattan, NY


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I ’m Mimi.

Do you ever wonder why youre really here and what you are meant to do with your life? Do you crave more out of life?

I’m a trained lawyer turned cosmic business design & strategy facilitator and astrologer. By fusing the spiritual with the tactical, and using the natal chart as a guide, I merge astrological and spiritual guidance with the practicality of leadership & business strategy to help others actualize their highest form of self-expression. 


My passion is to guide you in identifying roadblocks, transforming obstacles into opportunities, and discovering your own truth to ignite your path and fuel your ascent.


I’m here to help you tap into your soul-led purpose and create all that you design in your business, career and in your life.


What’s in your stars?

Ready to discover your powerful and unique COSMIC DNA? 

Astrology is a framework to guide you through every stage of a fully LIVED life. Your natal chart is one of the most powerful self-awareness tools you have available to you and is like a personalized roadmap to understanding your soul’s intention and creating a life that feels authentic.

It is your foundation for everything.


For leaders, corporate clients, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals seeking deeper insight and transformative expansion.

Through a holistic approach, which combines leadership skills & business strategy with knowledge of metaphysical tools including astrology, numerology and akashic records, overcome self-limiting beliefs, roadblocks, and real-life challenges. 

When we tune in to where our soul is guiding us, we have the power to transform our lives and fulfill our purpose. Pair this vision with pragmatic tools and practices and you can embody how to attract more wealth and share your unique gifts with the world.  

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“Who were you before the world told you who to be?

Glennon Doyle

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