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Schedule Your Dreams & Chart Your Freedom

Overcome feeling overwhelmed and own your time!

Experience the freedom of living your dreams.

What is the MasterTime Online Program?

MasterTime is a 9 week integrative online coaching program designed for busy professionals and creative entrepreneurs to learn how to master their lives, and create work-life balance to achieve more of what they love. The program blends 1-on-1 coaching sessions with weekly group video calls to optimize your journey towards mastering your time.


“I wish there were more hours in a day!”


“I need to clone myself in order to get everything done!”


“I’m stressed and totally overwhelmed!”



You believe there's never enough time in a day; you feel you're a slave to your schedule.


You don’t know where to start because there’s too much on your plate.


You often procrastinate your to-do's and goals.

You are READY TO STOP THE MADNESS and MASTER your schedule because you know you can achieve A LOT more.

If living without unhealthy stress, experiencing greater abundance and being effective with your time are things you want in your life, then let’s work together to make it happen!


“As a leadership coach, people come to me with big dreams and goals but feel overwhelmed with where to start. They are business leaders, professional creatives and entrepreneurs who are high achievers, but either feel stuck on direction, overwhelmed or feel easily diverted with distractions. If this sounds like you, the MasterTime online program may be the perfect fit.


I created this program to help you create meaningful actions towards fulfilling your biggest life goals, achieve more with the time you have, and develop the tools to address daily stress in real time.


Learn how to master your time and energy and create work-life balance to achieve more of what you love and achieve your highest potential.”

I’m a Business Strategist, an author and speaker. After 6 years as an entrepreneur I realized it was time to take my business to the next stage.  I had been operating as a solopreneur rather than a CEO.  I found myself overwhelmed and running on empty while working both IN my business and ON my business.  I was not effectively maximizing the time I had and I was extremely stressed out. I felt like I had to do everything myself and though I was working all the time I regularly felt like I wasn’t getting enough completed.  The worst part: I was missing time with the people I love most because of my mismanagement of time and goals.  My relationships and health were suffering. It was at that point that I decided to join Mimi’s MasterTime Coaching Program.  It was exactly what I needed.  I learned that I had way more time at my disposal then I ever thought possible - I just wasn’t using it effectively.  Mimi also introduced me to a tool I’ve been using ever since to plan, track, delegate and execute my goals (large and small). Mimi helped me uncover the specific triggers that cause chaos and stress for me. Through her coaching I learned: how to build and trust a team, how to hold myself and others accountable, most important, I have been able to integrate a tool that’s custom tailored for me, to keep everything in order.


Now when I feel stress or overwhelm creeping in I have simple and practical tools I can immediately use to be the master of my tasks, time, and life.  I am in control - my business, obligations, and desire for success no longer controls me.  Mimi’s program gave me a freedom I didn’t realize I needed.




While Time is Finite, Your Possibilities Are Infinite!


• Achieve freedom from your schedule and command over your time.

• Identify where you waste time and lose energy.

• Overcome frustration, excuses, chaos and procrastination.


• Live with clarity every day to take actions aligned with your goals, dreams and purpose.

• Gain confidence to tackle anything life throws at you.


• Create a winning timeline of your goals and a system to sustain your performance.

This course at a glance
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bullet journal_2x.png
personalized support_2x.png

Get THREE 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Mimi to guide you on your journey


Get access to our live weekly group video calls where you can ask questions and get direct coaching feedback from me


Targeted exercises to help you gain clarity around your values, patterns, habits and blockages

Introduction to the bullet journal method which is one of the most effective productivity systems ever developed


Personalized support setting up your own bullet journal

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premium resources_2x.png
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1 on 1 coaching_2x.png

Learn the tools to achieve a mindful and conscious approach to success that will enhance your happiness and overall well-being


Access to premium resources including a list of suggested books, printouts, videos and meditations to support you on your journey


Lifetime access for students so you can review the video lessons anytime


Opportunity to get additional 1 on 1 coaching support from me if desired

Initially, I was expecting this course to be an opportunity to learn techniques on effective time management. I was surprised to learn that it went on a much deeper fundamental level. Mimi challenged me with just the right coaching to allow me to peel back the layers of my relationship with time and understand how it was a direct reflection of the person I was being. From there, like working on any relationship, the work really began with me. Over the next few months, I let go of all the ways I overcomplicated my life, honed in what I want, and began making each day count towards where I truly want to go.




Book your free 30-minute call with Mimi to discuss if this program is right for you!


How can I make time for getting organized when I'm already short on time?


That's a catch 22 problem and the reality is you'll never have enough time unless you make time to create your dreams. Getting the tools and the coaching to support you in seeing how much more time you actually have is what this program will offer you.


What makes your program different than other time management tools on the market?


Not only will I give you a tangible tool to use in getting yourself organized, but the real shift happens inside and more importantly, help you develop a new relationship with time instead of seeing that time works against you.


What if I already have a good system to get organized?


You are ahead of the game and have a solid foundation. If you believe that there's room for further expansion in how you can make your plate bigger, then the opportunity is here to work together in rising to that higher challenge!

Limited seats available.

I keep the number of spots to a minimum to provide a personalized and targeted experience. You will have the chance to enjoy THREE 1-on-1 coaching calls with Mimi, as well as opportunities to ask questions during the weekly online group video calls.

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